All media of the last editions of the Lowland Championships from 2014 when the 1st edition was organized up until the 7th edition in 2021.

Unfortunately due to COVID there wasn't an Championship in 2020. The media of the 3rd edition in 2016 has been lost in time....

7th edition 2021

Here we'll post all photo's and video edits of the 7th Lowland Championships of 2021

6th edition 2019

Photos SnowWorld Cup

Article on FIS website

Photos Lowland Championships

Photos Team Event

5th edition 2018

(photocredits and copyright Tamara Verschueren)

(photocredits and copyright 247Sportphoto)

4th edition 2017

(photocredits and copyright Remco van den Berg)

2nd edition 2015

(photocredits: Nederlandse Ski Vereniging / Niels Onderwater)

1st edition 2014